Physics courses for high school students

Large partical collinder CERN

Our effort ,

My name is Kostas Papadakis and I teach physics for the past 25 years , i live in Crete Greece .

For greek visitors return to Ασκήσεις στη φυσική της Γ λυκείου 

Our website «φυσικά φυσικά» (physics of course) has visiters from around the world. We begin an effort to offer educational materials in an international – thanks to the internet – language , the English language .

We are physics teachers in Greece, a country with a very high level in science and we will offer our own teaching approach in physics that is taught in America and England.

We hope that you will find it useful .


Why Study Physics ?

Units part I

Units part II

Accurancy, persition and significant figures

Motion in one dimension

Time instant, time interval, units of time

Reference frame and distance

For greek visitors return to Ασκήσεις στη φυσική της Γ λυκείου 


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